Please note that my offerings are not the right fit for everyone. My specialty is healing bodywork influenced by tantra and energy/reiki work. I provide this service selectively to men that value having a positive connection where they can safely receive the healing, sensual touch of a woman, in a way that is healthy and empowering.  I work with gentlemen that are respectful of the ladies in their lives, and whom, bring a high level of integrity to our interactions. Positive intentions and mutual respect make this pleasurable for both of us!!!



New friends: You must book well in advance, I need plenty of time to complete screening. I never take same day appointments from new clients, you must first submit you’re screening information and then we go from there.

Regular friends: It’s best to message me at least 1 day before to ensure that I can set up a time to see you.

1 hour - 300

1.5 hour - 400

I can also travel to you at your upscale residence/hotel in Manhattan.*

1 hour - 400

1.5 hour - 560

2 hour - 680

*Brooklyn/Queens is also an option, if you are located in an area that is very convenient to/close-in to the city.


Sessions are held in Manhattan, in Chelsea (few blocks from Union Square) or midtown (near Herald Square)


I take my personal safety seriously, so screening is always mandatory for new friends.  I respect your privacy and screening practices are carried out with discretion.

Screening requirements:

At least 2 references from providers that are reputable/established; preferably independent with their own contact information.

Alternative screening: If for some reason you do not have references submit 2 of the following:

  • a photo of your government issued photo ID

  • link to your established business website that clearly shows your name and that you work there*

  • link to your active linkedin profile*

(*If you are using only the bottom two options for screening then I will need you to message me from one of those accounts to verify that they are really yours! Contact me for further instructions on how to do so)

Depending on factors such as: screening, references, length of session and travel time, I may at my discretion, request a deposit to book the session.



Please be sure to offer full tribute upon your/my arrival.

I will check-in with you and confirm our appointment the day of or night before. If you need to reschedule please let me know as early as possible, I will be sure to offer you the same courtesy.

Please be respectful and arrive at or within 5 minutes of our scheduled start time. Lateness in excess of 15 minutes will result in cancellation of the appointment. Failure to be timely will result in me not taking further bookings with you.



  • I offer healing touch only. My website does not intend to imply, nor do I offer, anything but tantric-style bodywork.

  • No guests, friends, partners, parties, etc. present while I am visiting you or may accompany you to my location.

  • I reserve the right to terminate the session at anytime without refund if I feel I am not being respected or my safety is being compromised.